Tuesday, January 30, 2007

On To The Next Thing

Victorian Lace Today is my all time favorite knitting book ever. I might as well just start knitting the beautiful shawls and scarves from the beginning and work my way through. But, that's just too structured for me. It's fun to contemplate what's next....which pattern?...which yarn?...

Of course, all this contemplation and study is taking place while knitting the current project. I've decided that being the slow-ish knitter that I am, being monagamous to each project will see finished results "quicker". But, anticipation being what it is, planning the next one while knitting this one is just plain fun. Also, provides plenty of opportunities to change one's mind about everything.

Currently, I have on the needles the Shoulder Shawl in Syrian Pattern on page 130 in VLT. (I wish she'd named the things with more.....panache....but that's just my little rant.) Instead of the pale powder blue, I'm using Rowan's Kidsilk Night in color 614, which they call MacBeth. Perfect name for this color, by the way. Very, very dark moody purple, with a tiny bit of shiny spun into it.

I'm on row 135 as of this morning. The pattern is totally simple which leaves the yarn to do the performing in this piece. The stated size as the pattern is written is 36 inches from top to tip and 57 inch "wingspan". Not a huge shawl, so I'll probably just keep knitting until it's closer to what I want....maybe an extra several inches...unblocked measurement. With the increase in size, the given edging might be a bit puny by comparison.

On page 183, Ms. Sowerby suggests some alternative edgings to a few of her designs. There is a wide point lace edging for this shawl, so that's probably what I'll do for proportion's sake. It'll also add some drama to an already dark and elegant shawl.

I'm still wrestling with the Inox cable on my needles. My new Knitpicks needles are due to be delivered tomorrow, thank goodness. Here's good news....Skacel will be coming out with a new line of lace needles. Yippee!!! No idea when this will happen, but it won't be too soon.

Knit On

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fleegle said...

Your knitting is gorgeous! I love the Melons shawl. That's on my list for later.

And yes, I love using expensive software for all sorts of things!